What Is Cryptocurrency

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About the Author

Cahill Puil

Cahill Puil is an author, founder and CEO of Byte Media Group and Digital Vision. He has interviewed many of the Top 100 Blockchain CEO's, Founders and influencers. His insights have been featured in dozens of publications - from Hackernoon, Brave New Coin, and Cryptocurrency News to Fintech Weekly, Tabb Forum, and CEO World

Having missed out on investing in Bitcoin in 2013, he initially wrote off cryptocurrency as “crazy internet money”. Since then he’s pivoted his business into thought-leadership & PR for emerging technology brands and works with some of the Top 100 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency companies in the world. This is the book he wished he had in 2013, so he wouldn’t have missed out and felt helpless, but rather could have made an educated decision about investing in the market.

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Do You Know How Many People Have Become Millionaires Because of Cryptocurrency?

It’s time to give you all the answers you need if you want to avoid making crucial cryptocurrency investing mistakes.  

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Essentials of What is Cryptocurrency - 7 Key Things You Need to Know

Absorb the basics and get insight into terms and concepts that probably confused you up until now. With this chapter alone, you’ll understand exactly what the media is saying about the cryptocurrency industry.  


How to Buy Bitcoin in 5 Simple Steps  

Buying Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency) requires you go through a number of very simple (but specific) steps. This chapter will hold your hand from verification all the way to purchasing, so you avoid the mistakes that could cause you to lose all your money.  


The Top 5 Must-Have Cryptocurrencies

Much like Facebook or Amazon dominate tech, the cryptocurrency industry has some big players that influence what everyone else does. Understanding how Bitcoin and Ethereum dominate the sector is the first step to profiting from them.  


Getting Started With Investing 

The last thing we want is for you to lose your nest egg in your first few weeks of investing in cryptocurrency. This chapter will go through the 4 key differences between crypto and stocks, which will help you make informed decisions.  


Must Haves to Protecting Your Crytpocurrency

Buying cryptocurrency is NOT like buying a stock, because there’s no bank to keep your money safe. It’s all up to you to protect your investments. This chapter will introduce you to crypto security and explain the one purchase you need to make to keep your cryptocurrency safely stored.  


Essential Cryptocurrency Slang

An information edge is key if you want to maximize your returns. Influencers tend to use jargon you won’t know. This chapter will help you decode their words and get that information advantage you’re looking for.  


Blockchain Technology 101 

Remember blockchain technology is NOT cryptocurrency. The two are different. This chapter explains the essentials of blockchain, so you can understand why this technology is the talk of the town and how it affects the cryptocurrencies you’re thinking about investing in.  


Famous & Infamous People to Know 

There are certain myths, legends, and people (famous and infamous) that have shaped the industry. Why? Who are they? This chapter covers them, and gives you critical insight into who’s pushing and pulling the industry.  

…and so much more!  

I’ve built up an expertise in the crypto sector, and now I want to share what I’ve learned with YOU! 

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Hey there,  

Wanted to share my story of why I wrote this book.  

See I knew about Bitcoin in early 2013. To put that in perspective, Bitcoin was about $100 per coin at the time. Crazy when you consider it hit an all-time high of $21,000+ per coin.

But I made one crucial mistake. I didn’t take any action on it. I didn’t buy a single coin.  


Well, I was confused (and scared of losing money). 

I thought it was complex. Confusing. Too technical. So I didn't get in.  

I didn’t understand the terms, language, or technology. It seemed like these companies were making fortunes out of nothing. And when you don’t understand something, it is hard to trust it.  

I’ve watched from the sidelines as others innovate and get wealthy from their investments. 

It’s hard when you want to get started, but don't know where to start. Not knowing the language and concepts makes you feel helpless. Meanwhile others rocket forward, make money, work in the industry, and cash out big on their investments.  

Fast forward to 2017 and things are very different. I work in the industry and have behind-the-scenes access to fantastic insight from the brightest minds in the industry. How? Our team creates thought-leadership, content, and manages public relations for a number of Top 100 Blockchain companies in the world.  

So when my Mom came to me saying “what’s Bitcoin all about, should we invest?” I got scared. I want to see her (and you) do well. But jumping in just because everyone else is doing it is a risky move - especially when you don't know what's going on.  

And it doesn’t seem fair to sit on the sidelines while others get wealthy just because you don’t understand what’s going on. I didn’t want my Mom to have that helpless feeling. 

I started to explain things to her, but halfway, I realized how many friends I had that needed to know this info too. So I started to write a book instead. This way, not only can I help my mother make money in cryptocurrency, but I could create a resource for everyone to learn from. 

My hope is that reading it will help you understand the essentials of cryptocurrency. It’s the book I wish I had when I was getting started. It’s a book you (and my Mom) can read, skim through, and bookmark.  

“What is Cryptocurrency?” is the resource that will cut out your cryptocurrency confusion and help you understand what crypto is all about. After that, it’s up to you to make an educated decision on if you want to invest or not.

I want you to get this information right away, so for a limited time only, you can download a chapter of the book for free.  

Hope you enjoy these insights, - Cahill Puil (Sounds like K-Hill)


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